International Rover Challenge (IRC) and International Rover Design Challenge (IRDC) are space robotics engineering competitions by Space Robotics Society. It challenges university students to conceptualize, design, develop and operate astronaut-assistive next-gen Mars Rovers and perform specific missions in Mars simulated conditions.

Over the years, IRC has been established as one of the leading space robotics competitions. In IRC 2024 there will be an increased emphasis on creating awareness about the best practices and methods of systems engineering. The main focus is to highlight the benefits of an approach covering the whole project life cycle of developing a Mars Rover. In the 2024 edition of this competition, over 50 teams, comprising more than 1000 students, participated over a span of 10 months.IRC features two pivotal qualifying rounds: the International Rover Design Challenge (IRDC) and the System Design and Development Review (SDDR), with the latter encompassing the SDDR report and SDDR video components.


The Challenges at IRC


In the International Rover Design Challenge (IRDC), CRISS Robotics made their debut in 2021, achieving the 18th rank overall. Building on their experience, they returned in 2022, significantly improving their performance and attaining the 7th rank overall. In 2023 CRISS emerged triumphant, claiming the first position overall in the competition with our “ Curie Rover “, a mother and daughter Rover duo.In IRC 2023 Finals CRISS secured a 13th rank overall.

In January 2024, CRISS is all set to take part in the IRC Finals. The finals will happen in a huge 20,000 square meter simulated landscape named Sproscape. This place is the biggest of its kind globally, making the event even more significant.